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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

( Brentwood Borough)

Due to the increase in Custom Build projects in the UK, Brentwood Borough council are producing a Guide to Custom Build to provide the relevant information and guidance to people looking to build their own properties to meet their housing needs and requirements.

This will be sent out by E-mail & available on the councils website with a hyperlink from the guide to your own website. (hyperlink is optional)

The guide is a +/- 60 page eBook and The Guide to Custom Build will cover information focused on:

· Building Regulations

· Planning/Party Wall and other consents needed

· Financing the project

· Finding the Plot

· Where to start

· Who can help

· Features of your new build

· Key consideration of Construction

· Finding and dealing with contractors

· All other aspects of the project that need to be considered.

GNM Advertise

We are delighted to announce that the above publication has now been published.

You can view this publication and advertisement digitally online, simply by clicking the publication below:-

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